About Community Voices of Fort Erie

Community Voices of Fort Erie is a citizens' group involved in upholding the community values of Fort Erie, Ridgeway, Crystal Beach, Stevensville, Black Creek, and Douglastown.

The current focus of Community Voices of Fort Erie is on the proposed development of Waverly Woods & Erie Beach. As a group of concerned citizens, we feel it is incredibly important to protect our critical natural and historical resources for the benefit of current and future residents. The maintenance of these resources will ensure that Fort Erie thrives as a place to live, and as a unique destination for visitors to the Niagara Region.


As an organization, we look to work with our elected officials to ensure our important concerns are being addressed. Community Voices of Fort Erie actively investigates new initiatives for healthy and sustainable growth in our area, rather than supporting developments which may negatively impact it's sustainability, uniqueness, and the well-being of residents.

If you have any questions about Community Voices of Fort Erie, or would like to get involved with the group, contact Marcie Jacklin at [email protected], and stay in touch with us by providing your email and phone number via our Join the Discussion signup form.

You can also view our companion Google Site to see our press releases, photos, and more information on our current issues.